So Hard To Kill…

To quote Benjamin Franklin, “but in the world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes.” Who’s not afraid of taxes? Well, many people are not. But death? Only few can trully say that they are not afraid. But is it the fear that made this guy so hard to kill?


Ferdinand Magellan was born in Portugal in 1480. After the death of his parents during his tenth year he became a page to Queen Leonor at the Portuguese royal court because of his family’s heritage. This allowed him to hear about all the discoveries that were being made. In 1505, Magellan finally got to go to sea on a military expedition. He fell immediately in love with the sea. Boring stuff followed. Fast forward. In 1521, he reached the Philippines. There he met Rajah Humabon and his ally Datu Zula. The two kings despised Lapu-Lapu, a Datu of Mactan. After gaining each other’s trust, the two kings convinced Magellan to help them in killing their enemy. True enough, he decided to attack Mactan.

With 49 men with him, he sailed to Mactan in the morning of April 27, 1521. He was surprised though, because it seems the natives of Mactan knew about this. The natives were prepared. Their defenses were up. Lapu-lapu had 1500 men at his command.

So, how did Magellan die?

The natives easily spotted Magellan and marked him as the leader of the outsiders. Naturally, most of the natives wanted to finish him so most of them stormed him. His helmet was knocked off twice. Then, a native hurled a bamboo spear to his face. Since Magellan was such a badass, he can’t be killed easily. So, he stabbed the damned native with his lance, which he left in the body of the native. Oops. No weapon. He tried to get the lance from the body. He didn’t succeed much. He was AGAIN wounded by a bamboo spear. This time, in the arm. His left leg was also wounded. Still, the guy won’t die. His final act?

He looked back, and ensured that his men made it back to their boats. Then, he permitted himself to die.

Really? Is that how much he loved his men? Much more of badassery.


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