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July 10, 2010

There are many misunderstood symbols. Well, symbols really change their meaning. It depends on the group of people using it and their interpretation. Take a rose, for example. To most people, rose signifies love. But to some, a rose means secrets, privacy. When you hang a rose in front of a door, that means you don’t want to be disturbed.

One of the most controversial and misunderstood symbol is the Inverted Cross.

When people see an inverted cross, they think of it as disrespect to Christ and to the Catholic community. Wearing it is like declaring that you are an antichrist. For some attention seekers, it gives them, well, attention. It is also common to see bands with this symbol.

Wait.. What? Is that the Pope? In a throne with an inverted cross? Yep. But why? He’s not in  a band. Not an attention seeker. Most definitely not an antichrist.

Well, this is how the inverted cross symbol is misinterpreted. The inverted cross is actually known as Cross of St. Peter (officially known as the Petrine Cross or colloquially Peter’s Cross). As we all know, Saint Peter is the first bishop of Rome, and also the first pope. After dying, this cross became his symbol. But how?

This is a painting of the crucifixion of St. Peter. Just like Christ, he died by crucifixion. Differeces. Christ lived. Peter died. Christ was crucified normally, Peter was crucified upside-down. This is to show that he is not as great as Christ. That he don’t deserve to die the way Christ did.

Question. By wearing accesories with the Petrine Cross, does it make you an antichrist or a humble person bowing to Christ’s sacrifice? Ironic right?


Memento Mori-Flyleaf

July 5, 2010

1. “Beautiful Bride”   3:03
2. “Again”   3:05
3. “Chasm”   2:54
4. “Missing”   2:54
5. “This Close”   3:20
6. “The Kind”   2:47
7. “In The Dark”   3:47
8. “Set Apart This Dream”   3:15
9. “Swept Away”   4:09
10. “Tiny Heart”   3:07
11. “Melting (Interlude)”   0:57
12. “Treasure”   3:24
13. “Circle”   3:03
14. “Arise”   4:18
15. “Uncle Bobby” (Hidden Pre-gap Track) 4:22