SPOILER ALERT:Mouse Hate Cheese

You just bought a brand new house. You are planning to spend the next ten or so years of your life in this paradise-like place.

You take a look inside. Great rooms, functional design, just what you wanted.  When suddenly…

Managed to scare it away. Whew. Safe for now. You continue your tour of the house.

Holy shit. What is that? Gaaaaaaaah!!! What to do? Leave the house? Won’t do. You spent too much money on the house to just leave it. Call rat exterminators? Again, you spent too much money on the house. What to do? Something cheap, reusable…


Friends, if this is what came to your mind, it seems that you have been misled. Why, you ask? Well, of course, a mouse trap is supposed to “trap a mouse”. However, this particular set-up may not work efficiently, or may not work at all. But why? A study conducted by researchers from Manchester Metropolitan University reveals that mice don’t like cheese. At least not in a way we were led to believe.
To quote Dr. David Holmes, an animal behaviorist from Manchester Metropolitan University, “Clearly the supposition of mice liking cheese is a popular premise. Mice have evolved almost entirely without cheese or anything resembling it. They respond to the smell, texture and taste of food and cheese is something that would not be available to them in their natural environment and therefore not something that they would respond to.”
So…Where did this myth start?
Browsing the internet, I didn’t really find a definite answer. But here are some arguments that may solve our querry:
1.During the Middle Ages, types of foods available, or lack thereof, forced people to stock on foods that have long shelf life. Cheese is one of these food products. With nothing to eat, the mice then were forced to eat what was available, cheese.
2. Nowadays, cheese comes in boxes that are suitable for easy consumption. But before that, cheese were always in huge chunks. A large portion will be cut for the week, while the remaining portion will be stored in a pantry. Nibble marks will then be seen by the people on the remaining part, hence convincing them that mice like cheese.

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